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Pandan Mint Salt Scrub
Pandan Mint Salt Scrub

Pandan Mint Salt Scrub

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An entirely homemade natural body scrub that contains all-natural ingredients, this pandan mint salt scrub provides a natural way to soften, exfoliate, and freshen your skin.

It is infused with coconut and our signature pandan essential oils which helps to even out skin tone, increase blood circulation and act as a natural detox for your body. Not only that, it also possesses anti-carcinogenic properties and helps to reduce inflammation as well.

Frequent use of it helps prevent signs of ageing too. You can look young and vibrant again!

Usage: Apply 2 spoons of bath salt to required area of skin. Scrub with fingers or hand over required area for a few minutes. Wash with warm water and wipe dry with cotton/wool cloth. You will experience a soothing sensation.

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