Reflections Neck Firming (Whitening)
Reflections Neck Firming (Whitening)
Reflections Neck Firming (Whitening)

Reflections Neck Firming (Whitening)

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The firming neck gel has a very light and fragrance texture which wafts of pleasant pendant as you apply it on your neck. Best for our humid weather and fuss free dispensing! Sara is very affable and has great passion about her products and good product knowledge! I'm so glad that 8 had a chance to both hear and feel her passion through her products! :) Sharon, Teacher

Our Reflections series’ neck care lotions possess whitening properties and newly improved technology offers faster absorption into the skin! Flower extracts have also been added to increase firming and brightening effects. They are light on the skin, absorbed smoothly without leaving a sticky greasy finish behind. You won’t even feel anything on your skin just seconds after application!

Weight: 100g

How to use: 
Squeeze 10 cent coin and apply unto desired neck area in upward motion. Best to use day and night or as desired.