Pandan Detox Calmness Drink (Bottle)
Pandan Detox Calmness Drink (Bottle)

Pandan Detox Calmness Drink (Bottle)

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Safe and quick body detox with the potent natural power of Pandan.

Watch as MONEY FM 89.3 DJ gives his review this amazing Detox Tea



Fancy a detox that's deliciously infused with the only special aroma from pandan leaves (the vanilla of the east)? This magical blend of tea combined with rosehip extracts contain antioxidant properties that engage your body's natural cleansing. It’s the help you need when you desire an all-natural and wholesome beauty within.

Pandan Leaves, Honey, Lemongrass

Recommended Dosage: 
2 bottles a day. Morning and before sleep for best results.