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Whitening Serum

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Look your very youthful best with glowing and vibrant skin. 

Darkness is Dull. Remain Vibrant. Let your selfies glow naturally with RESS Whitening Serum. Formulated with all-natural whitening agent, herbal essential oils and hyaluronic acid, this all-natural serum minimises the colour intensity of dark spots/freckles, brightens up your skin complexion and keeps them hydrated all day long. 

Ladies, now you can radiate the internet with a #WakeUpLikeThis post today!

Ingredients: Distilled water, Hyaluronic acid, D-pathenol (vitamin d), Vegetable glycerin (plant based), Lemon Essential Oils, Cucumber Essential Oils, Liquid germall plus

Note : Take a photo before use of the serum, then retake after 7 days to compare the before and after results.